E11 - Inspired Vibes - Hayley Andrews - Screw the Self Pleasure Taboo

October 1, 2017
On this episode, Jenna connects with Hayley Andrews who is a conscious relationship coach in Australia that works with clients around the globe. They delve into the "taboo" topic of self-pleasure and how mainstream society, historical events, and porn have affected how we think about our bodies and pleasure. When we are disconnected from our bodies it can affect our relationships and the expectations we place on our partners. Hayley shares what TANTRA really is, the power of sexual energy as well as some tips for how to begin having a more conscious relationship with your body to take your human experience to the next level.
You can connect with Hayley here:
Instagram: hayleymichelleandrews
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E10 - Inspired Vibes - Keenan Whitsed - Light Healing

September 25, 2017

In this episode of the Inspired Vibes podcast, Spence connects live from Nelson, Canada with Australian Light Healer Keenan Whitsed. Keenan works with clients in his home country and has developed a number of programs for tapping his intuitive powers to help heal himself and others. Discussions included what is light healing, subconscious reprogramming, chakras, discovering yourself and male light healers. You can learn more about Keenan at his FB page: https://goo.gl/GbajDT

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E9 - Inspired Vibes - Kristina Vitale - I WON’T NOT

September 11, 2017
On this episode, Jenna has an in depth discussion with Kristina Vitale, the founder of the "I won't not" movement. I won't Not is ALL about getting uncomfortable, overcoming fears and growing as a person. Kristina works with people to build community, connection and confidence and creates customized comfort zone challenges as well as local and international events. 
She shares with us her tips on overcoming fear, how to get past being stuck in your comfort zone and the dangers of living on autopilot.
To find more on what she is doing and to connect with Kristina you can find her here:

E8 - Inspired Vibes - Rebecca Dettman - The Soul Doctor

September 10, 2017

On this episode, Jenna has a very enlightening conversation with the Soul Doctor aka Rebecca Dettman from the land down under! The main topic of this episode is SOUL CONNECTION, particularly how DISconnected we are. Rebecca explains more on her Soul Disconnect theory, expanding from her teachings of her online course The Complete Woman. So many people don't know who they are on a deeper level when you take away all their identities (parent, coworker, friend ECT) and most people don't know how to sit quietly with themselves. Not only do we explore how this can affect different areas of your life but also some ways that you can start to deepen your connection to your highest self TODAY!

To find more on Rebecca, check out her podcast/events and for bookings you can go directly to her website: www.SoulDoctorShow.com. Her complete woman course: https://www.souldoctorshow.com/courses/ and for a FREE 2 MIN MEDITATION: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-T-H1dXfjG8

E7 - Inspired Vibes - Julia Van Norden - Energy Goddess and Mentor

August 25, 2017
On this podcast, Jenna has a beautiful conversation with Julia Van Nordon who is a light worker leading a revolution connecting women with their goddess energy and their own potential. We discuss what it means to listen to your intuition, our subconscious, ego and higher self, the difference between light and heavy and how to quiet your mind and listen inwards.
Julia has a powerful upcoming e-book being released with a collection of raw and transparent stories from women on how they have over come challenges and gained inner strength and peace.  You can learn more about Julia on her website - juliavannorden.com or connect with her on Facebook. 
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E6 - Inspired Vibes - Philip is Lost - Adventure Addict & Earth Ambassador

August 21, 2017

In this episode of the Inspired Vibes podcast, Spence chats with adventure addict & earth ambassador, Philip Cariaso Jr. aka Philip is Lost. Spence met Philip during his US travels a few years ago when they explored the legendary Havasupai in the Grand Canyon of Arizona. Philip is a committed explorer and constantly strives to showcase the possibilities of the great outdoors to his friends, new and old. In addition to his explorations, he is a notable dancer who often combines this medium within the context of nature. Discussions include getting started outdoors, passing out while hiking, waterfall explorations and how to be a kickass person. You can follow Philip on his Instagram @philipislost.

Please note that a brief section of the podcast has some sound issues due to Skype; however, it is listenable and won't blow out your ear drums :)

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E1 - Inspired Vibes - Our Mission

July 6, 2017

In this episode, Spence and Jenna welcome you, The Inspired Vibes Tribe, to our first podcast. Outlined in the episode are the podcast mission, a bit on who we are and what to expect in the future. We invite you to subscribe and share, as this podcast is growing rapidly! For more info on the IVT, head over to www.inspiredvibestribe.com to learn more about how to work with us, for free personal development content and to connect!


E5 - Inspired Vibes - Bruce Kirkby - NatGeo Explorer

July 4, 2017

On this episode of the Inspired Vibes Podcast, Spence and Jenna sit down with legendary explorer, Bruce Kirkby. Bruce's adventures span many decades and include the first descent of the Blue Nile River, the first crossing of the Empty Quarter on Camels, vast Mongolia horse travels, 22 summers guiding in the Yukon and taking his young family from BC to India via every method, but planes. The latter was filmed for the Travel Channel with 9 episodes entitled My Big Crazy Family Adventure. Bruce has authored 2 books including the internationally recognized 'The Dolphin's Tooth'. Bruce has been part of NatGeo expeditions and written for such outlets as Outside Magazine and the Globe and Mail. Discussions include the CANOL trail, adventuring with children, Instagram, long range horse adventures with a newborn and drastically changing course after university for a lifetime of adventure. More on Bruce can be found at www.brucekirkby.com. Find out more about the Inspired Vibes Tribe at www.inspiredvibestribe.com


E4 - Inspired Vibes - Stephen Cipes of Summerhill Pyramid Winery

June 28, 2017

During this episode, Spence and Jenna visit Summerhill Pyramid Winery on Lake Okanagan in British Columbia. Winery owner, Stephen Cipes, sits down to chat about how he has created the largest organic, permaculture driven winery in Canada while still maintaining the title of Canada's most visited winery. He tells the story of why and how he built a pyramid 1/8 the size of the Great Pyramid in order to tap into sacred geometry for his wine stores. Additional discussions include permaculture, wines and why energy matters. We were excited to be joined by Stephen's friend, Mahmoud ElShaikh. To find out all about Summerhill, please visit www.summerhill.bc.ca. Find out more about The Inspired Vibes Tribe at www.inspirevibes.com. Namaste, All Our Relations & Cheers!




E3 - Inspired Vibes - Ms Ashley Hunt

June 28, 2017

Live from Bowen Island, British Columbia, Jenna and her best friend, Ms. Ashley Hunt, talk about their stories and what it means to develop into a thriving boss babe. With lots of REAL conversation, this episode is a must for anyone looking for insight into how to set yourself free spiritually. Ashley is a yoga teacher, entrepreneur, dog mom and nature junkie. For more information, please visit www.inspiredvibestribe.com, or check us out on Instagram @feedyourmountainobsession & @jennafayehandel. Namaste, All Our Relations & Cheers!