E4 - Inspired Vibes - Stephen Cipes of Summerhill Pyramid Winery

June 28, 2017

During this episode, Spence and Jenna visit Summerhill Pyramid Winery on Lake Okanagan in British Columbia. Winery owner, Stephen Cipes, sits down to chat about how he has created the largest organic, permaculture driven winery in Canada while still maintaining the title of Canada's most visited winery. He tells the story of why and how he built a pyramid 1/8 the size of the Great Pyramid in order to tap into sacred geometry for his wine stores. Additional discussions include permaculture, wines and why energy matters. We were excited to be joined by Stephen's friend, Mahmoud ElShaikh. To find out all about Summerhill, please visit www.summerhill.bc.ca. Find out more about The Inspired Vibes Tribe at www.inspirevibes.com. Namaste, All Our Relations & Cheers!




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